Want to report an incident?

This form is to report a cyber incident. If you are not sure if it’s an incident, reach out using our contact form.

What's a cyber incident?

A cyber incident is an event that could jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of digital information or information systems. Cyber incidents resulting in significant damage are of particular concern to organizations.

When to Report an Incident

Accordingly, victims are encouraged to report all cyber incidents that may:
• result in a significant loss of data, system availability, or control of systems;
• impact a large number of victims;
• indicate unauthorized access to, or malicious software present on, critical information technology systems;
• affect critical infrastructure or core government functions; or
• impact national security, economic security, or public health and safety.

What to Report

A cyber incident may be reported at various stages, even when complete information may not be available. Helpful information could include who you are, who experienced the incident, what sort of incident occurred, how and when the incident was initially detected,
what response actions have already been taken, and who has been notified.

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