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What we do

Cyber Material is a platform that delivers actionable cybersecurity data to Cyber Citizens, Cyber Professionals, and Institutions.  We gather, classify and store publicly available documents as well as produce and publish original content to inform and educate the public in general.

Cyber Material is divided into 3 main parts that provide users with useful cybersecurity data. 

Cyber Citizens: This section brings together the various components of what is needed to thrive in an increasingly online world and defend against the new threats in it.

Cyber Professionals: A section dedicated to helping cybersecurity professionals find useful cybersecurity info to help them in their cybersecurity careers.

Institutions: A section that provides related solutions, books, documents, courses, entertainment, quotes for The main institutions that face the rapid development of the online world every day and its new threats.

Who we are

We’re software and hardware developers, cyber security experts, hackers, executives and IT enthusiasts who come together to build and maintain a reliable and comprehensive source of data and information related to IT and cyber security. 

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