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Career Advice

Career Consultation for Cybersecurity Practitioners

Unlock your cybersecurity potential. Get invaluable career advice from a seasoned cybersecurity expert. Engage in discussions regarding resume and job tips, certifications, and other relevant topics.

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Technical Consultation

Cybersecurity support for individuals

Protect yourself and your family with personalized guidance from a cybersecurity expert, ensuring your online presence is fortified against ever-evolving threats.

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Cybersecurity Advisory

Cybersecurity support for SMBs

Secure your small business against cyber threats with expert guidance from a cybersecurity specialist, safeguarding your valuable data and fortifying your digital infrastructure.

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Meet Our Experts

Marc Raphael

IT & Cybersecurity Architect

Talks about privacy,encryption, cybersecurity career, cloud computing, and information technology
Cost: $165/hr


Sofia C.V.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Talks about cybersecurity career and mock interviews, WordPress pentesting, cybersecurity books, tools and vendors reviews
Cost: $85/hr


Supremely Tech


Talk with SupremelyTech experts today. Get cybersecurity guidance for you or your business
Cost: $TBD/hr


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